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  • Announcements
    Welcome to International Programs
      The Software School International Programs (SSIP) has primary responsibility for coordinating international programs. The SSIP fosters and supports international education on campus, and strives to promote international understanding and global awareness.
      The SSIP is responsible for:
    • Recruitment and admission of graduate international students
    • Establishing and coordinating successful exchange programs and study abroad opportunities
    International Class Programs
    The duration of full time undergraduate study is typically 4 years.Students can finish the course work totally in CSU. We also accept international students from cooperation universities abroad. The duration of full time graduate study is typically 2 years, including 1-year course work and 1-year software engineering practice. The international students can finish their study totally in CSU.We also accept international students from cooperation universities abroad.
      The PhD program is a research-oriented program in which the international student chooses specific fields of Computer Science, studies basic courses of those fields to pass a qualifying examination in the first year, and completes original research culminating in the written academic papers and dissertation in the next three years.
    Address and Contact Information
    School of Software International Programs
    Central South University
    No.22 Shaoshan South Road, Changsha, Hunan 410075
    Phone:86-731-82656702, Fax:86-731-82656702